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Generally, Long Term porta potty rentals are for Construction Sites, Job Sites, or facilities where no bathrooms are readily available. Examples of Long-Term Portable Toilet rentals include car lots, factories, road construction, lumber yards, commercial building job-sites, warehouses, new home construction, parking garages, manufacturing plants, marinas, truck yards, and more...

Portable toilets are a vital part of every Construction Job Site. It is important to provide your construction workers and contractors with clean and sanitary portable restrooms, whether you choose to call them portable toilets, porta john, temporary restrooms, or simply, 'porta potty.'

Whether it be for construction sites, home renovation jobs, commercial building job sites, road construction, bridge construction, rail-road job sites, sewer job sites, new home construction, manufacturing plants, etc... expect nothing less than only the best portable toilets, portable construction sinks, porta john and porta potty rentals from Portable Waste Solutions!


 The American National Standards Institute has established the recommended quantity of portable restrooms per worker as one port-a-john for every 10 workers (for a 40-hour work week). At this recommended level, a clean and healthy environment can be maintained for the employees' safety.

Based on a 40-hour work week, the following projections are useful in determining the correct quantity of portable restrooms at work sites and ensuring compliance with the ANSI recommendations:

10 workers = 133 uses creating 15.58 gallons of waste
20 workers = 266 uses creating 31.16 gallons of waste
30 workers = 399 uses creating 46.80 gallons of waste
40 workers = 533 uses creating 62.40 gallons of waste

Overuse of the portable toilets can result in severe odor problems and an increased health issue. The deodorant cleaners used in heavily used portable restrooms become ineffective in killing bacteria at usage levels that exceed the recommended standards.

PWS provides quality, low-cost portable restroom units for work sites throughout Virginia. We have port-a-john rental units for male accommodations, female accommodations, handicapped workers, and other special on-site needs. We take care of all port-a-john maintenance and waste disposal at every work site.

No matter what the portable restroom rental needs are at Virginia work sites, construction job sites, highway construction project sites, building sites, on-site film shoots, show business & entertainment events, or other commercial, industrial, and business work sites, we can provide the porta-johns and portable restroom units to ensure your work project runs smoothly.